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Mozilla Firefox Browser එකේ Keyboard Shortcuts ලැයිස්තුව 3

සෑම් | 2/01/2011 | , ,

Ctrl+N - It use for Open New Browser Window.

Ctrl+T - It use for Open New Tab on Existing window.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 - It use for Close the current window or Tab.

Ctrl+R or F5 - For refresh The Page

Ctrl+F5 orCtrl+Shift+R - Refresh the page with override cache

Esc - Stop

Ctrl + O - It use for Open File

Alt+Home - Home

F1 - Firefox Help

F11 - Toggle Full Screen of Browser Window.

Ctrl+Tab - For Changing Tab between Existing window.

Ctrl+U - Open View Source Page of any webpage.

Ctrl+I or Ctrl+B - Open Bookmark window in left sidebar

Ctrl+P - For Print Command

Ctrl+A - Select All

Ctrl+S - Save Page As

Ctrl+D - Bookmark This Page

Ctrl+F - Find

Ctrl+G or F3 - Find Again

Ctrl+H - open History Window In left Sidebar.

Ctrl+J - Open Downloads Window

Ctrl+Z - Undo Your Process

Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z - Redo your Process

Ctrl+C - Copy

Ctrl+V - Paste

Ctrl + Shift + Delete - Clear your Private Data

F7 - To Open Browser in Caret mode

Backspace or Alt+Left Arrow - Back

Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right Arrow - Forward

Alt + Enter - Copy your existing window tab and Open It in New Tab

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab — rotate forward to the next window tab

Down Arrow – Scroll down

Ctrl+ "+" or Ctrl+ Scroll up - Increase Text Size (Zoom In)

Ctrl+ "-" or Ctrl+ Scroll Down - Decrease text Size (Zoom Out)

Ctrl+ 0 (Zero) - Normal Text Size (Default Zoom Mode)

Alt+ Scroll Down - One step page go down

Alt+ Scroll Up - One step page go Up

Ctrl+Shift+I - DOM Inspector

Ctrl + L or ALT + D - Select Location Bar

Ctrl + Enter - To complete URL with .com

Ctrl + Shift + Enter - To complete URL with .org

Shift + Enter - To complete URL with .net

Ctrl + Up Arrow - Choose previous Search engines to search information

Ctrl + Down Arrow - Choose Next Search engines to search information

Alt + Up Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow - Open List of available Search Engine

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Lalith said...

Good one. Most of the users don't know about these short cuts, specially girls.

Kasun said...


Anonymous said...

මම නම් මොන බ්‍රව්සර් ආවත්
Mozilla Firefox තමා හැමදාමත්..

මේම ලිපිය ගැන ඔයාලට හිතෙන කැමති දේයක් කියන්න.
ඔයලාගේ අදහස් මට හුගක් වටිනවා